UT Fleet Repair Service, Inc.

UT Fleet Repair Services is a complete full service repair facility. We offer repairs for all types of equipment both major and minor. We work on trucks, trailers and any equipment with a motor. We have computer diagnostics for most engines and trucks.

Whether you have one truck or a fleet, our professional experienced staff with affordable hourly rates, can get the job done. We can save you time and money. Contact the service manager for all your repair needs. We are located just north of the Chippenham Parkway on Route 1 in Richmond, VA.
Truck Repair

Repair services

• Trucks

• Trouble Shooting

• Trailers

• Electrical

• Services

• Windshields

• Brakes

• Engine Overhaul

• Tires

• Complete Trailer Repair

Superior performance at competitive rates, accurate and focused responsiveness from an experienced management team. We are just a friendly phone call away. Contact us and see what we can do for you.